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The inverted pouch, a trendy and promising new format ...

Within flexible packaging category, we first knew pillow pouch, which allowed Thimonnier to become famous in the packaging of fresh products, especially in the dairy sector in the late 1950s. The company knew that the advantages of the pillow pouch would make it possible to compete with rigid containers, by impacting the economic, social and environmental footprint of the packaging world in a positive way.

Next, occurred booming of the stand-up pouch, the DOYPACK® [invented by Thimonnier in 1964], a format become an international reference with all applications we know about packaging food, detergents or cosmetics. Then cames the rise of the resealable spouted version that revitalized the packaging sector since the 2000s.

Today the inverted pouch enters the market, especially in the food sector. Thanks to our experience in packaging of UHT and pasteurized dairy products, Thimonnier was chosen by the American giant of Greek yogurts Chobani, to package its new product in this innovative packaging with the filling line SF102.


The inverted pouch, a real asset for merchandising

Inverted pouch for dairy products

This easy-to-use packaging is different from the spouted DOYPACK® stand up pouch in that it can [also] stand up by resting on a large cap. It is thus perfectly stable in the supermarket shelves and easy to store at home, whether in the refrigerator or in the cupboards.

With its original shape, the inverted pouch is an absolute eye catcher in the stores and becomes an excellent communication tool for brands that enables them to stand out from competition.


The inverted pouch, a more responsible concept for the environment

This convenient and lightweight shape for the consumer is an alternative to traditional rigid plastic packaging with cap. It reduces the necessary amount of plastic for its development while reducing the amount of waste once the product consumed. Easily squeezable, the complete pouch content is evacuated without risk of splashing and avoids waste.

Thanks to spout and cap decontamination, sanitation of dosing system  and filling under positive pressure of aseptic air, fresh and dairy products packaged in Inverted pouch with SF102 Ultra Clean from Thimonnier get an extended shelf-life. An effective solution to fight against the risks of contamination but also, once again, against food waste generated by too short shelf lives…


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