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STRAAP® the new Eco-friendly drinking solution

Concerned about waste reduction issues, Thimonnier innovates and creates the STRAAP®, contraction of straw and cap, self-closing pillow pouch for all kind of beverage to take away.


No straw, no cap (straw is the fifth largest waste picked up by the sea), possibility of using a mono-material film.

A peelable but captive cover (zero waste left in the nature) protects the drinking area.

Lightweight packaging, easy to take away for children as well as athletic adults.

STRAAP® preserves all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the drink.

This new straw and cap free drinking solution drastically reduces the cost per unit.

End user: Active young adults, dynamic, concerned by environmental issues.


The STRAAP® is by definition a nomadic eco-packaging that requires no cap or straw, the 5th waste most found in our seas! Definitely eco-friendly, its volume is reduced to its content, and therefore needs a minimum of packaging materials, consisting of either a laminated film or a single-material film easily recyclable.

The main innovation of the STRAAP® is the combination of a protective film on the drinking aerea and the patented PepUp® valve. Intelligent sealing positioning allows this protection to remain attached to the pouch once it is opened (0 additional waste).

Thanks to its PepUp® valve, made on the machine during filling step, the STRAAP® is self-closing and requires no additional accessories. Its use is simple: press to open and release to close.


The STRAAP® is available from 100 to 250 ml.