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Thimonnier strengthens its expertise eco-friendly flexible packaging with Frutonic, Switzerland

Frutonic, a specialist in the pressing and production of Swiss fruit purees for three generations, has selected Thimonnier solution with its SF102 spout filling machine for DOYPACK® * pouches with cap to pack bio-products in an eco-friendly way. Thanks to their manufacturing concept with 100% recyclable PP mono-material (pouch and cap), these packaging will easily find its place within the recycling channel. Iris purees from Valais fruits have indeed succeeded in offering local products with a nomadic consumption concept that respects the environment!

Thanks to the SF range, Thimonnier can fulfil the needs of a market looking for an efficient & ecofriendly packaging. Using preformed pouches with filling through the spout also offers a wide flexibility: position of the cap, size and volume of the pouch and can be used for many applications: detergents, cosmetics and food industries.


Modular and customizable, the SF machine installed at Frutonic can, for example, be operated with one or two pouches per cycle while keeping the same spout to allow them greater flexibility in their production. This kind of machine can reach up to 240 pouches per cycle and fill up to two liters of fruit purees.

Also available in ultra-clean version, the ESL SF range from Thimonnier significantly extends the shelf life of fresh or pasteurized dairy products. Thanks to spout and cap decontamination, sterilization of dosing system and filling under positive pressure of aseptic air, Thimonnier guarantees optimal condition for ultra clean filling. An effective solution to fight against the risks of contamination but also, against food waste generated by too short shelf lives…


*DOYPACK®: patented and invented by Thimonnier