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Thimonnier still mobilized during the second wave.

Thimonnier still mobilized during the second wave.

As France faces a new period of containment, Thimonnier's teams continue to support those involved in this health crisis. Thanks to the implementation of a strict protocol during the first signs of the epidemic, we have been able to maintain our production capacity to meet our commitments with the industries that care for us and feed us.

These machines that we were able to deliver will thus allow the manufacture of thousands of infusion bags to supply hospitals. Some equipment will also be used for the production of millions of affordable pouches of milk and drinkable water in various countries worldwide and to supply groceries & supermarkets in France and around the world with everyday products: fruit purees, yoghurts gourds, ready meals, eco-refills for soap, bleach or softeners ...

Be with our customers during these tough times also means being able to assist you remotely. Most of our spare parts and small machines are in stock. Whether from the plant or from home office, we remain reachable and available.


 We wish you, and your family, all the courage you need to overcome these difficult times.


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