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Thimonnier joins "La communauté du coq vert"

Thimonnier is delighted to join "La communauté du coq vert".

"La communauté du coq vert" brings together companies committed to the ecological and energy transition.

It is necessary to act for the climate, so we have committed ourselves through an action plan to reduce our impact on the environment.

Thus, in the areas of  ENERGY / WATER / WASTE, we have identified concrete actions to consume better and more intelligently:

- Switch to green energy by adding photovoltaic panels
- Optimize lighting management with the installation of presence detectors
- Adopt LED lighting for all offices
- Detect and repair compressed air leaks
- Installing an efficient water management system
- Recovering our cardboard waste through recycling


"La communauté du coq vert" brings together, federates, connects and supports nearly 1,000 executives who are convinced of the need to act and who have placed the climate issue at the heart of their strategy.

"La communauté du coq vert" offers its members a set of concrete tools to promote the exchange of best practices, to make them visible and to accelerate their environmental and energy transition.

By becoming a member of  "La communauté du coq vert", Thimonnier, along with all the other activist companies, commits to

  • limit climate change and restore biodiversity
  • making the ecological transition a necessity
  • to make known the new solutions and innovations
  • federate and mobilize communities of entrepreneurs locally
  • initiate the ecological transition of the company
  • implement a strategy.


To learn more about "La communauté du coq vert", visit :