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THIMONNIER created Doypack®

Invented in 1963 by the Frenchman Louis Doyen, then Chairman & CEO of THIMONNIER, this pouch was originally designed for packing fruit juice and subsequently olives.

Owned by the company THIMONNIER, the name  DOYPACK® (DOYen PACKaging) is an internationally recognised trademark.

Beginning in 1965 working for the family-owned firm THIMONNIER, Louis Doyen develops machines to manufacture and fill  DOYPACK® pouches.

Not being a packaging manufacturer, he signs licensing agreements with large plastic film processing companies: Cellophane (later Alcan then Amcor) in France, Kalle (Hoechst) in Germany, Grace Cryovac (Sealed Air) in Italy, Fujimori in Japan, Grafo Regia in Mexico…

Today over 40 billion  DOYPACK® pouches are sold each year, offering differentiation to the bottle, carton (and other) packaging used for solid and liquid products. 

Based on its 50 years of experience, THIMONNIER offers packaging solutions combining ultra-hygienic design, the latest motion & high-speed technologies and customised solutions to all of its customers.