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Sylvie Guinard, Ambassador of Week of Industry 2017.

The 7th edition of Week of Industry takes place from 20 till 26 March 2017.

The Week of Industry allows a wide public, and more particularly the young people and the job-seekers to:

- Discover the industry, its jobs and the career opportunities proposed
- Meet men and women of the industry as well as the associated services
- To see how 21th century's Industrial plants are designed and how they work
- Become aware of the structuring role of the industry in France

Several free demonstrations are organized at the local, national level or on the Internet, from 20 till 26 March 2017: open days in a company, jobs forums, educational workshops in schools, quizzes about industry, conferences, debates...


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Sylvie Guinard, President of the company Thimonnier, is one of the 7th Edition of Week Industry Ambassador.

In this context, Sylvie Guinard, and Sylvia Damagnez, Human Resources project representative,  will present Industry and Thimonnier Company in a final year of high school in Rosa Park High School in Neuville sur Saône (Rhône).

They will exchange with students about Thimonnier, its jobs and business sector, and also about student's professional opportunitues and also how to present themselves and their experiences.

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Interview with Sylvie Guinard

Present your career:

Mecahnical engineer of ESTACA in 1996, completed with MBA of the EM-Lyon Scholl in 2002.

After several missions in the CNES during my studies, the beginning of my career was made as Business engineer at TECHLAM in Alsace area. On returnig to Lyon, I joined the family company Thimonnier in 2002, successively as account manager, Engineering dpt manager, Deputy Director General in 2007 then CEO in 2009. I took over the company in 2013. Member of executive committee or board of directors of several authorities: FIM (vice-president), SYMOP, CETIM and IUMM Rhône.


Why chose you to work in the industry?

Fascinated by space, I dreamed to become an astronaut. I became Engineer mechanic, specialized in Spatial. My first work experience drove me to discover beyond the spatial, a vast panel of the mechanical engineering industry: subsailor, tank, crane, oil rig, railroad equipment, … Then I completed this discovery by trucks and finally world of the special machine for the packaging. The industry is at the heart of our activity and of our everyday life. It creates, innovates on a daily basis. It takes part of various evolutions, even current revolutions.


Women place in the industry: do you Think that the mentalities has evolved?

The mentalities evolve slowly about women. They are eagerly awaited in the Industry but they do not turn still naturally to this sector which is carrying rich in all the opportunities: jobs in strong evolutions, very dynamic and various. The mix in the jobs brings more performance and industry understood it as well!

What advice would you give to the girls so that they turn to the industrial sectors?

The variety of the jobs which offers the Industry allows to answer very different expectations and to find the variety and the evolution. Be curious to discover a world that waits for you greedily. Dare to throw you in this fast-changing world and construction. Be actresses of this Industry of the Present and of the Future.