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STANDS 5A D 086 

THIMONNIER will present the new generation of filling and sealing machines for DOYPACK® pouches at EMBALLAGE exhibition, in Villepinte 17-20 NOVEMBER 2014: THD900, new carrousel high speed filling and sealing machines, as well as SF200, Spout Filling machine.

These two new products can pack liquid, semi-solid or pasty products, with or without pieces, in DOYPACK® pouches (stand up pouch from 0.1 up to 5 liters with a speed from 5 to 240 pouches/min).

The THD900 machine is the first born of the range of welding fillers with technology entirely driven by servo-motors. Designed for high speed packaging, it can work with 1, 2 or 3 pouches simultaneously from 100 up to 5.000 ml. All machine movements and pouch size changeovers are controlled by servomotors. It meets the highest requirements in term of quality, health and safety standards (EHEDG standards). Especially designed to deliver optimum hygiene during use, it is suitable for applications in the food industry. The system of ultra-clean, under laminar flow, can also fill packaging for premium products.

The SF200 is a spout filling machine. This linear product provides a capacity from 100 to 2.000 ml. It fits all the requirements regarding the spout location (whether on the top or on the side), or concerning the shape of the pouch. In order to suit to the different needs of cadences, the SF200 is available in 2, 4 or 6 lines of filling, which give the ability to reach up to 220 pouches/min.