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Anuga Foodtech, Koln 26-29 April 2022

Come visite us at ANUGA FOODTEC exhibition in Köln from April 26th 29th, 2022

Our sales team will welcome you to our stand hall 8 stand E-048 and will be pleased to present you its innovations

==> The THD800XL filling machine :

  • For premade DOYPACK® with or without cap,
  • Solid, liquid and viscous products,
  • The servodriven technology ensures precision, repeatability performance and flexibility (mono, duo, trio)
  • Many options available : injekt or laser coding device, infrared sealing control


==> The SF102, our new generation ultra clean filling and capping line equiped with Claranor pulsed light for inverted pouches.

  • A decontaminaiton system allowing :
    • Germicidal effect : total, immediate and irreversible destruction without chemicals
    • An increased shelf life of dairy products (fresh or pasteurized) avoiding food waste,
  • High flexibility for our customers (position of the cap, shape and volume of the pouch, ...)




==> Ask us about the THP7300, aseptic form, fill and seal machine to pack UHT products in pillow pouches.

  • Fully servodriven Technology
  • Best filling accuracy available on the market
  • Sterilisation of the packaging material using vaporised H2O2
  • No peroxyde  the product room  
  • Flexibility and high production output
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Using vaporised H2O2



Thimonnier offers a wide range of machines and many solutions for flexible packaging.

Consult us during these 4 days of exhibitions regarding your packaging projects.

From our  R&D department to our after-sales service, Thimonnier supports you to guarantee your satisfaction.