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Special machines designer, on permanent contract

Under the responsibility of the Director of the Design Office, your mission will be to design CAD machines with Solidedge software ...


Your missions will be as follows:
- Study and design parts, sub-assemblies or sets
- Make and evolve diagrams, plans of details, subassemblies or sets
- Constituting and evolving nomenclatures of plans, definition files
- Identify dimensional, functional and physical constraints
- Determine specifications and quotations of parts, subassemblies or assemblies
- Schedule tracking

Business trips:
- 20 to 30% of the time
- National and international


Required training:
- Level: French Baccalaureate + 2 / + 3 technical
- Field: Automatisms; BTS MAI (Mechanics and Industrial Automation), BTS Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering DUT

Required experience (sector of activity, function ...):
3 years of experience on special machines

Qualities :
- Interpersonal skills
- Team spirit
- Sense of service
- Organization
- Autonomy
- Flexibility

Required knowledge & specific skills:
- Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CAD / CAM)
- Production mechanics
- Technical English

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